2018 - UK

Outstanding Coaching award 2018 (Ben East breaking UK U15 national record)

2017 - UK

Team Kennet's Chairmans award.

2016 - UK

Bronze at British Championships.

2014 - Cardiff

Bronze Medal at Welsh international games.

For me Coaching throwers is the most amzing and rewarding thing in the word, yes of course it can get extremerly stressful at times, but that is all part of the job.

My main aim is to make my athletes careers less stressful and a lot easier, ive been an athlete for a long time now, and having to deal with everything on your own including coaching yourself is by far the hardest things in the world to haft to do on your own. this is why I like to help, I do the training plans, listen to any problems they have, and just be a friend, sometimes its not the throwing that they are having a problem with, its the day to day struggles with everday life, and im there if they need someone to talk to. That's how in my opinion what a good coach is.



"Without sacrifice there can be no Victory"


What more can you say?

A quote that ive always found very inspiring, and the more I train hard, and move on in life, I finally see it.


Im Luke, Im 24 and I found that I have an obsession with javelin throwing, after picking up the javelin for the 1st time almost 9 years ago, I just can put the thing down, and I don't think I ever will do.


This is my life now.

Im a Coach.

Im an Athlete.

Im a CEO

This is me.







2015 -






I started Throwshub, a Throwing related media channel dedicated to putting throwers 1st..


2014 -


Started Coaching Javelin




I decided to pass on my knolage to other throwers, and fast forward to 2018 it has worked a treat, British records has been broken, 3m away from the World record!.


Lead Role

1995 -




Brought into this world, you learn a lot on the way :)

Luke Angell

Editor & Writer, Coach & Giant.

  1. 3rd at the U23 British Championships 2016
  2. 3rd at the welsh international games
  3. Qualifying for Nationals many times
  4. Berkshire Champion x6
  5. South East Champion x3
  6. Coached from age 11 Current U15 2018 World Leader and current u15 British Record Holder.
  7. Ben East British Number #1 U17 Javelin (70.04)
  8. Phoebe Hoaen Bronze at English Schools 2019.
  9. Liam Crawly UK #1 59.97 (2019) Silver at English Schools 2019



I know how to communicate and coach the next generation of javelin coaches and throwers for the UK (Maybe even the world...

And help to make there careers, less stressful.


That is the only skills people need to know.